Sunday, October 27, 2013

Home From Retreat!

Oh my, I'm absolutely exhausted!! LOL I've been quilting with Kaaren, Debra, Gail and Rose since Wednesday evening. I got home yesterday afternoon, and have been trying to catch up on my rest ever since. I think I'm finally feeling a little like myself tonight. We had a great time, lots of laughing, lots of great food, some good heart to hearts and not a lot of rest! Did I mention the laughing?? Oh my, there was a lot of that. I had to leave for a bit on Thursday afternoon, and while I was gone, I thought to myself, this probably isn't a good thing, hard to tell what the others might get into while I'm away. Oh yeah, not good, they certainly took advantage of that time to set up a few pranks for me. All I can say is, I'll never see a Kit Kat bar in the same light again in my life!! lol All good, lots of fun!

So I took a few pics, but they were taken with my phone, so not the greatest quality, I forgot my camera once again!

Along with the pranking and laughing, we did get lots of sewing done. 

                                                   Kaaren's applique projects 

                                                         Gail's Flying Geese

                                                        Rose's Star Happy

                                             Debra's take on my mystery quilt

                                               Kaaren's Ollie came to visit

             And a couple of the things that I worked on, a lot of little things for the shop. 


Speaking of the shop, there's only four more days until the opening, it'll be a busy week I'm sure. If you're in the area, I hope you're able to visit!

I'm planning some fun things for the fall and winter for the shop. One is a trunk show by a wonderful quilter from Amherst, Nova Scotia. I've never been to a trunk show before, but have seen lots of pictures from bloggers all over blogland. Looks like lots of fun. I would love to hear some suggestions for the trunk show, and some ideas of what to include in the day from those of you who've had trunk show experience. 


  1. Wish you could export your retreats to England, it would be such fun and great to get away with like minded stitchers.

  2. Well done.All are just beautiful!!

  3. I hope your grand opening of your new shop is wonderful and the customers flock to your door. Good luck. Vicki

  4. Hmmm... I'm stump about the KitKat candy bar... it'll pass... no need to explain. :) :) :)
    Here's to a successful opening day... your dream has come true!!!

  5. Darlene, much success with your new shop! I went to your etsy shop and just drooled over the beauties there. Outside my price range but the look well worth what is the asking price. I hope you will eventually get around to selling bits and pieces of things that don't move in the brick and mortar store and that may be of interest to we, your readers - but that's for later I'm sure, and it would give you more traffic of people looking at your wonderful quilts!