Sunday, September 8, 2013

Visiting and Pennies!

Oh my, my sweet girl and her hubby made an unexpected visit home late last night and I was up well beyond midnight visiting! It was so nice to see them! And it was lots of fun to surprise my mom with them this morning! We all had lunch at her place after church, and spent the afternoon together there enjoying each other's company!

Tonight, there's not a lot of energy to spare, so I'm snuggled into my lazy girl chair, watching the Hobbit with hubby and trying my hand at some wool pennies! This is a first for me, I don't even know for sure if I'm going about it the right way, but I think they're pretty darn cute and I'm enjoying the hand work!


  1. There are so many ways to make pennies that I don't think you could possibly do it wrong. I think they are just adorable. What are you going to do with them?

  2. Love the pennies, they make a lovely table mat!
    Have fun.

  3. i agree~! VERY darn cute~!!~

    happy slow sunday stitching.

  4. This looks like fun...I've never done it before either!
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. They look perfect Darlene, isn't wool wonderful to work with :-) Glad you had a nice visit with your daughter and hubby.

  6. Fun to see you working with wool - isn't it wonderful? Looks like your stitches are just perfect - I look forward to watching this project grow.

  7. Your wool pennies look great! A friend of mine made some just large enough to work as coasters.:)

  8. I think they are darn cute too!