Sunday, August 18, 2013

Busy, Busy!!

Too busy really! But what's a girl to do?? Work and play make for busy times! I've been working extra hours over the past couple of weeks, and I'm working on another stage performance here in our local theatre that we do on the 30th and 31st, so yeah, I've been a little busy!

Which means almost no time for sewing. But today, I decided to take a few minutes between church and studying lines to do a little slow Sunday stitching. I saw a little project done with yo-yos and decided to give it a whirl! I spent some time figuring the size I'd need to start with, I traced around the rim of a few glasses from my kitchen until I found the perfect size! And so I at least got a start!


  1. Yoyos are so fun! Can't wait to see what you're making! Thanks for linking up!

  2. beautiful fabrics and slow but sure is a good way to go . . . or at least that's what i keep telling myself. lol


  3. Slow Sunday stitching sounds really nice.

  4. I am always amazed how large the circles have to be to get a yoyo. Is your stage performance advertised if someone were to be holidaying in the area around that time? hint hint

  5. Okay, now I'm really curious about your yoyo project!