Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Annapolis Valley Ex

Every year, our family spends a Saturday in mid August at the Exhibition in the valley! It's a tradition really, I remember as a very young child walking the grounds holding my daddy's hand checking out all the critters. One year in particular, I remember a man from one of the commercial buildings, giving us a little box full of chocolate ski-doos! You might know, my most vivid memory involves chocolate lol!!

My favourite parts of the day include the arts and crafts displays, that would be the quilts of course, and the ox hauls and horse pulls. These two quilts were my favourites this year. The traditional pieced one was absolutely beautiful with lots of scrappy fabrics.

And this more modern fun one was so well done, the stitching was exceptional and what a cute fun design.

And there are always beautiful hooked rugs on display too! I love them, and as I stand there and watch the ladies hooking away, I want to run right home and get my hooking out again! They make it look so effortless and relaxing! Oh my, so many projects, so little time!

These three were my favourite rugs of the day! The top one, got my vote for Viewers Choice award. As always, it was a great day! 


  1. That's a truth for crafty people: too many projects, too little time. I have prepped some handwork for my travels tomorrow but I happened on a hexagon blog hop today and suddenly I'm drawn to cutting and prepping a few paper pieced hexagons because they're so darn cute and portable. Just love those rugs and they're well-deserving of ribbons.

  2. I loved our local exhibition as well, lots of fond memories of spending time in the crafts and the horse barn . Thanks for sharing these lovely quilts and those rugs are gorgeous and that would be my choice as well , how lovely !

  3. So many beauties - very inspiring.

  4. The scene on the mat looks like the view from someone's house overlooking St. Mary's Bay with the Neck in the far distance. It would have been my choice too!

    I must go to there next year.