Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mystery Quilt, Step #6

Ok, so here we are at Step #6 already. I know some of you have been patiently waiting for this one, as we took a month off to catch up. But at last, here it is! Please excuse the photo quality, all of these were taken with my phone as my camera is away with my daughter. 

This is an easy one for sure. A couple of simple solid borders, a easy checkerboard, and another solid.

So we’ll start with the two small solids. I had originally planned to do one wider solid here but in the end, went with the two smaller ones. They each are 1 1/2” wide. The pieced checkerboard uses 2 1/2” strips and the large outside border is 3 1/2” wide.

Printable instructions are available here!


For the first narrow border cut:
  • seven  1 1/2” strips ( I used red)
For the second narrow border cut:
  • seven 1 1/2” strips (I used black)
For the pieced border cut:
  • I used approximately eleven 2 1/2” strips of dark/mediums and eleven 2 1/2” strips of lights. I used up all of my left over strips from the previous steps, so some of my strips were random lengths, but they totaled approximately 11 strips. 
For the wider outside border cut:
  • nine 3 1/2” strips (I used brown)
Sewing Instructions:

Beginning with the first (red) narrow border, sew all seven of the strips together end to end, making one very long 1 1/2” strip.

From that strip, cut two 70 1/2” strips, and two 62 1/2” strips.

Sew one of the 70 1/2” strips to either side of the quilt. Press the seam allowances towards the border. Sew the 62 1/2” strips to the top and bottom of the quilts. Again, press the seam allowances towards the border.

Repeat the process with the second set of 1 1/2” strips (black). Cut two long strips 72 1/2”, and two 64 1/2”. Again, sew the 72 1/2” ones to either side of the quilt, and the 64 1/2” ones to the top and bottom of the quilt. At this point, you have the two solid borders attached and the quilt should measure 64 1/2” x 74 1/2”. The picture here shows one corner of the quilt with the two narrow borders attached.

Now onto the pieced border. 

I chose the fabrics very randomly for this, as I wanted to keep the scrappy look. I didn’t do too much planning with pairing up the lights and darks, just used whatever came out of the pile of scraps next. Chain stitch the 2 1/2” light strips to the dark/mediums strips until you’ve used up all 11 of each. 

Subcut these 11 strip sets into 146, 2 1/2” units. I made a few extra just to make matching them in the next step a little easier, but that’s optional.

t this point, I started to pay a little more attention to fabric placement, as I wanted to make sure my four patch blocks had four different fabrics. 

From these 2 1/2” units, match two pair, placing one in the opposite direction from the other ( light on the top, dark on the bottom, and then reversed for the second one) and stitch together making a four patch. Keep the seam allowances turned towards the darker fabrics, to help make the piecing more precise. 

You will need 72 four patches and 2 single units to complete the borders. Arrange 18 of the four patches side by side in one long border strip, stitch together. Repeat with the remaining four patches to give you 4 borders. With two of these borders, attach a single unit to one end. The picture here shows the strip of four patches already stitched together at the end of one of the borders and the single unit ready to be stitched on. 

Press all of the seam allowances in one direction along the length of the borders. 

When you attach these pieced borders to the quilt, you have to pay attention to lights and darks so that your borders will work out evenly all the way around. Starting with the left hand side of the quilt, pin one of the longer borders at the top left corner of the quilt, making sure that the first inside block of the pieced border is a dark/medium. Pin in place along the length of the quilt and stitch. (The picture here shows the gold fabric, which in this case is the dark/medium, on the inside of the border and the light on the outside)

Now with the right hand side, pin the other long border to the upper right hand corner of the quilt, making sure that the first inside block of the four patch is light. Pin in place along the length of the quilt, and stitch. Press the seam allowances towards the border. (The picture here shows that the inside fabric of the first four patch is a light)

Repeat the same process with the remaining two shorter four patch borders, making sure that your four patches match up, light, dark, light dark. Pin in place and stitch. Press seam allowances towards the border. 

Now onto the wider solid border. The same process exactly as the first two narrow ones. Sew the nine strips together end to end. From that cut two borders to measure 82 1/2” and two to measure 78 1/2”. Attach the 82 1/2” ones to either side of the quilt, pressing the seam allowances towards the border. Attach the 78 1/2” ones to the top and bottom. Press. At this point, your quilt should measure 78 1/2” x 88 1/2”. 


  1. I love it Darlene , perfect borders for this beautiful quilt !

  2. Looks great, I'll maybe catch up with this quilt next year!

  3. Thank you Darlène, it's just so beautifull, I like it so much!!!

  4. perhaps I'll make this new border !! so beautiful !! many thanks Darlène !!

  5. Your quilt is so beautiful Darlene!! What great colors you have chosen. Thank you for your help.

  6. Fantástico !!!
    Elena (Barcelona)

  7. Thank you so much, Darlene! It has turned out fabulous!! I think I may try mine in all plaids since I have so many .... I am determined that you can make any quilt with plaids LOL

  8. Darlene - I love this so much. I'm working on the pieced section now... Can't wait to see it all complete. When we first started you mentioned this would be a queen sized quilt and I think we're there now. Is this the final step before binding, or will there be more?
    - sunshdws at yahoo dot com

  9. Darlene, I just finished Step 6! I adore this are so creative and certainly made this stunning quilt very achievable with your "do-able" mystery parts! Now onto the last border!