Saturday, June 29, 2013


Finally had some time today to do a little sewing! I'm finishing up step #6 for the mystery quilt! Looking forward to sharing that with you on Thursday.

It's been another crazy busy week here. I've been filling in for someone on vacation at work, so working longer hours than usual, so between and catching up on my rest from last week's adventures, there's been no energy left for sewing in the evenings! Finally today, the beginning of a three day weekend (Woooohooooo) I had some time for some "real" sewing!

Monday is Canada Day! Hence, the three day weekend. I know I shared this little quilt before, but thought I would again, as it's the only patriotic one I've got! I love red, it's definitely my favourite colour, but I don't have a red and white quilt! I made a small morning star one years ago, but it was for a shop so it's long gone!

I'm thinking maybe I should spend a little time on Monday making another one! Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadian bloggers! We are so blessed to live in this beautiful country!


  1. I hope you enjoy your long weekend and get a chance to do some sewing :-) The pictures from your daughter's wedding are just lovely - it must have been so hard to keep that secret - I don't know if I could have!!

  2. Looking forward to the next installment for the mystery quilt , loving it so far. Happy Canada Day !!

  3. Happy Canada Day to you too! Hope you enjoy a day full of family, friends, and fabric. Can't wait 'till Thursday too!

  4. oui, quel beau pays,je suis de France mais mon cœur au canada,ma fille y vit depuis 4 annees.amities chantal

  5. I'm a little late in wishing you a Happy Canada Day! Glad to hear you finally got back to your sewing room... I bet it missed you too!