Monday, May 6, 2013

Fabric Exchange X2 and a PDF

I love adding new fabrics to my stash and this week, I added two new bundles. I took part in the charm exchange over at the Small Quilts board. They arrived in the mail on Monday and I've been laying them out, matching pairs, and just enjoying the beauty of them ever since! They are beautiful! I was so pleased with the variety!

And then on Thursday night we did a 6" red square exchange at our guild. We're going to continue this exchange for a few months, with each month exchanging a different colour. Next month is blue! Red is my favourite so you know I'm loving these ones!

So, that's 60 new fabrics to add to my stash! Now all I need is a bit of time to sew. That's gonna be hard to come by this week. I'm involved in my first live theatre performance this coming weekend and the rest of the week, outside of work, is completely devoted to that. 

For those that are participating in my Mystery Quilt, I've had some requests for a PDF file to make things easier to print. So for step 5, you can find the printable instructions here. I haven't had time to do the previous steps but hopefully over the next couple of weeks I'll be able to do that. 


  1. What a great way to build your fabric stash! Doesn't look like you got any duplicates either! Good luck with your first live theatre performance... how exciting!

  2. Really very nice and great work..