Saturday, March 2, 2013

5 x 5

I spent the afternoon sewing with my quilting friends. I worked on these, the 5 rows of 5 blocks for the Temecula little quilt that they've offered recently on their blog.

I'm really pleased with the blocks, but I think I'm gonna change the setting up a bit. I'll hopefully have time to get it finished over the next few days.


  1. Love those blocks! Hurry and finish so we can see how you set them!!!

  2. I am working on those too. I lack the star blocks. I love your blocks. It is going to make such a nice little quilt.

  3. I saw them up close and personal and they're awesome.

    Can't wait to see the completed flimsy at this Thursday's meeting, perhaps? That and Step 3 of the mystery quilt!

  4. I'm busy working on the mystery quilt. I'm loving it. Thank you for what you do. I love looking at your blog.