Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two More!

I finished up two more of Lisa's blocks and was able to get outside with them for a picture in natural light. I love how they're coming together. I'm not sure how many I'm going to make but I do know they're for a wall hanging so the twelve will be plenty but may decide to do only nine. I'm thinking I might sash them, wish I knew how Lisa will be finishing hers!

I'm just finishing up the book Ive been reading this week and have been thinking I'd like to read a quilt related novel. I've read some of the Jennifer Chiaverini ones but would like something new. Any suggestions?


  1. Terri Thayer writes some interesting mysteries - all quilt related.

  2. I am also piecing these blocks and wondering how everyone is going to finish them. Hope Lisa will post something on her blog about finishing them ,she has neat ideas.

  3. Your blocks are just beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish them!

  4. Love your blocks - I should add these to my to-do list!

  5. Your blocks look awesome!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love your blocks. I have saved these for later. How did you do the HST's, they are very small.

  7. Marie Bostwick series is a good one and quilt related.
    1 A Single Thread
    2 A Thread of Truth
    3 A Thread So thin
    4 Threading the Needle
    5 Ties that Bind

    Gale in Nebraska

  8. Love your blocks and the awesome backdrop; we're in the middle of our summer and the continual heat is becoming rather tiresome (literally!). I've read a couple of Emilie Richards books and they feature a little quilting.

    Rose - NZ

  9. Read the Persian Pickle Club