Monday, January 7, 2013

Isn't this cute??

Oh my, or at least I think it is! Cindy from over at Sew Cindy made this up as a button to put in her side bar to make easy access back to my mystery! She says it's very simple and easy to add it to your own if you'd like! She says "Anyone can go grab it off my blog by saving the photo and then I just added YOUR blog as the http:/ with the photo."

Thanks so much Cindy, once again, I'm overwhelmed by the attention my little mystery is getting!


  1. I have added your quilt up there in the right hand corner to my blog. Would you rather I use this little pic instead? I just wanted to put your button up. Or if you have something else let me know. Thanks

  2. Anyone, please stop to check it out. It's my pleasure.

  3. Cute button, Cindy!

    Is it time for Part 2 yet! *wink*



    I guess you know the answer, huh?

  4. I grabbed the button for my blog. I have the 4 1/2" squares cut and will be working on the 1 1/2" squares while working on my Easy Street mystery. I started with no fabric plan except to use a charm pack I have had for a while to make the centre. This will really be a mystery for me!

  5. Love the little button from Sew Cindy and will definitely put it up onb my blog! Nice to see a few more quilters joining the mystery!