Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm Overwhelmed!

Wow! I'm overwhelmed by how many have posted to say that they might be gonna play along with my mystery quilt! How exciting is that! Thank you all so much for the interest and a very special thank you to Kaaren for sending so many of you my way!

Just wanted to let everyone know that this is my first time doing a freebee and my first mystery quilt.  So I hope I don't disappoint! I've set up a post for tomorrow night, Jan 3rd with the first step. Hopefully it works properly but if not I'll post it when I get in.

Thanks again, D


  1. Look forward to participating, Darlene. Yes, Kaaren is a wonderful fellow blogger for sure.

  2. I think I will follow along too. Never have done a mystery quilt before, but I love scrappy, so I will give this a try.
    Looking forward to it.

  3. Good Morning Darlene, I am going to work along with you as well. I am sure the quilt will be great. I have posted the project on my blog as well. Always looking for fun projects my Quilt group, may be interested too.

  4. I am anxiuously awaiting the first installment! Thanks for doing this for us all in blogland!