Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Time is flying by! It seems like just last week we celebrate the beginning of 2012. And according to the older people in my life, it will only seem to go by faster as I get older! As for 2012, it was a pretty good year. After all, I'm here today, blogging, relaxing the day away with my hubby. 

One very good thing about 2012 was getting back to quilting on a more regular basis. I've been quilting since I was just a little girl, and have never really gotten away from it. But once in a while I stray to some other sort of craft and get all caught up in that for a bit, but then always come back to the quilting. It really is my favourite past time. Many bloggers have posted yesterday or today about their goals for 2013 and what they've achieved in 2012. That inspired me to make a list of my own, and while making the list, I came across a couple of UFOs that I had forgotten about that I hope to finish right away.
I discovered wool on cotton appliqué this year, and decided I had to try it. This little piece was my first attempt and I hope to finish it into a little wall hanging for spring.

I has seen one like it on Pinterest, I think it was done up as a pin cushion. I'm planning to border it with little pieced blocks but haven't decided the pattern yet. 
And this one was my second attempt. 

I saw one similar to this on Lisa Bongean's site and loved it, but sadly I don't think mine looks anything like hers. My sister, lol thought the flowers kinda looked like paint blobs! But I think I'll try to get it finished up right away too. I've auditioned endless fabrics and colours for borders but just can't find anything that I really love! Any suggestions??

As for my list, I have several other UFOs to work at for 2013: The lighthouse quilt that I started earlier this year (only the centre section is done on this one), the nine patch quilt that our guild did exchange blocks for (the nine patches are all done but I have to decide now what to do with them), the Morning Star (just needs the borders added), the mystery quilt that I'm designing for our guild, the row along quilt from Bee In My Bonnet (I'm about 3 weeks behind on this one), Over The River And Through The Woods stitchery guilts X2 - one of my own and one to help my sister finish, Flower baskets, the blue and yellow hexi and the scrap hexi. That is 11 UFOs, way too many! And of course there will be some new works thrown in along the way too. I've had my eye on a couple of BOMs that I think I might join too. 2012 saw 6 finishes, which really doesn't seem like a lot: The Kim Diehl inspired Snowman wallhanging, the Jelly Roll race, the wool on cotton white pumpkin wall hanging, Blooms All Around, the Brown Log Cabin and the Green Log Cabin. But like I said earlier, I think it's been a good year. And anytime spent quilting is better than no time at all. 

My wish for 2013 is peace, health, love and lots of time for quilting for all of you!


  1. Darlene, I think you have enough "to-do" projects for 2013 AND 2014. LOL

  2. 11 UFO's? I'd be so stressed I'd need to take a valium! *wink*

    But I have faith in you that you'll get them all done in good time...won't you?

  3. Well at least you know what you will doing this year sewing wise:)

  4. These are possible. I have faith in you!

  5. Happy New Year! You can do it! May I suggest something dark for bring out the colours on your flowers!

  6. You are one gutsy lady, daring to make an ufo list. Or perhaps you have less than I do..... ;-)
    I love that your flowers are different from what one sees usually. As for the border: piano keys in all the fabrics you used?