Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter, Gifts and More Decorating

Finally we got a little snow here this morning. Rain was predicted but there was a bit of snow. Farther up the valley school was cancelled, but we got mostly rain here. But a little snow is better than no snow at all right!

I left the house bright and early this morning for a breakfast date with my three quilting buddies. We met to exchange gifts. We usually do this at lunch time but then one of us always has to rush back to work and so this year we decided on breakfast instead. We had a lot of fun. We decided in September to exchange fabric for gifts this year. We were each supposed to find 6 one quarter meter cuts of fabric for each other that we thought well suited our fabric tastes. That was pretty easy for me really. And actually my shopping was even easier than theirs, because I've been thinking 4 rather than 6 right from the start! Don't know how I got that one mixed up but anyway I did! So I got 4 beautiful pieces of fabric for each of them and I came home with 6!! LOL oh my, I won't live that one down anytime soon!

Isn't it lovely! And the fabric at the bottom of the picture is Primitive Gatherings. That is new to this area. I've never seen one of her collections in our local shops before, so I was especially excited to see that in my bundle!

And there were a couple of sweet little ornaments thrown in there too! Another Jim Shore santa to add to my collection and a beautiful little wool heart! Oh it is so cute, thought you should see that one a little closer. Apparently this came from a craft market in Annapolis Royal. We don't know the crafter's name, but would love to have more of these. Maybe Kaaren will have an idea as to who made it!

And I have a bit more decorating pictures to show you. This is in the front entryway of the house.

This is the little tree in the bathroom!

And the little tree in our bedroom!

I've been sewing a little bit. Trying to finish up last minute gifts. I made these little tissue holders for the girls that I work with. Finally finished them up yesterday and will take them in tomorrow with a few other little goodies.

Have a few more things to finish up, quite a bit of wrapping today, more baking, and then just groceries. Looking forward to sitting back and enjoying it all!


  1. You will deserve to sit back and enjoy! You have been busy! Love your gifted fat quarters... great fabrics and a great idea for a gift exchange!

  2. You will deserve to sit back and enjoy! You have been busy! Love your gifted fat quarters... great fabrics and a great idea for a gift exchange!

  3. Everything is looking wonderful, Darlene.

    Fabric by Primitive Gatherings? I'm soooo jealous. I love Lisa's stuff.

    I don't know who made that wool ornie but I'd sure like to meet another wool lover. I had a close look at it and it looks like the middle part is knitted.

    Your home looks lovely.

  4. Lucky you to receive such gorgeous fabrics and I do love the wool ornament too .Your many trees are beautiful , your home is really very festive :-)

  5. I don't know which I like better. The Christmas tree or the little pile of fabrics.

  6. Beautiful decorating. And what a fun tradition to have with your quilting buds!