Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Kitchen!

I used to work at the local hardware store with my very close friend Shelly! She is the most incredible Christmas decorator. The Christmas section at the store was (and still is) well known in the area for awesome displays. I didn't do much really, mostly just passed stuff to her and she put it in place, lol. She is the genius. Since then, I've moved onto another job but I really miss those decorating days with her.

Anyway, I said all of that to say this - while working with her, we both decided we needed more than just one tree in our homes. And of course working there, with so much inspiration, it was the perfect time to get a few extras. So this was my second tree, the one here in the kitchen. I love the tree itself, I could take it out of storage and leave it totally bare without any ornaments and still be happy with it. It has an actual wooden trunk, love that, and lots of snow! Which of course makes me very happy! And I trim it with snowmen or snow related ornaments and wooden cranberries.

And these are a couple of my favourite snowmen ornaments!

A few more snowmen!

So, that's the kitchen for now. I have today and tomorrow off from work. Planning to bake and wrap. Might have a recipe to share with you later.


  1. Love that tree.... A kitchen to come home to,*s*.

  2. Lovely tree Darlene , it looks great in your kitchen !