Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Very Wintery Day!

Wow, winter hit in earnest today! It started last night, late evening and by morning we had around 15 cm of snow with another 25 predicted. And lots of high wind. Wow, it's been blowing crazy all day and apparently it isn't supposed to let up until sometime tomorrow. The snow has stopped for now, but they say we'll get more "flurries" here tomorrow. Around these parts, flurries after a full out storm is usually almost as much accumulation as the storm itself. So it'll be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. Lots of cancellations around here today. So we stayed in, and relaxed. Played games, worked on a puzzle, and even a little hand stitching.

I made this for supper, rapure pie! For those of you that don't have one sweet clue what this is, it's a traditional Acadian meal very popular in Nova Scotia. It's one of my favourites and somehow it always tastes better on a storm day! LOL

I worked on this today! First time I've done any sewing in over a week. Not by choice though. I did something to my shoulder, have actually been having problems with it all fall but last Sunday it finally got bad enough that I couldn't do anything with it. Made a couple of trips to the doc and was finally given a cortisone shot on Thursday, wow, that was pretty unpleasant but I think it is finally starting to feel a bit better. He also took me off work for a few days to "rest" it so have not even been hand stitching until today. And then it was only for a few minutes, even that irritated it. So it'll be a few more rest days for me!

I did get these out today. Our guild did a nine patch exchange this past year and now we have until the May meeting to put them together in our own arrangement and share the results then. So, I've been playing with some ideas for that. 

So that's the way the day has been here today. The power has flickered off a few times but so far has held. Not sure with this wind, that it will last through the whole evening though. Happy winter!!


  1. Love your nine patches. Can't wait to see the project.

  2. Love your nine patches. Can't wait to see the project.

  3. Love your nine patches. Can't wait to see the project.

  4. That's a lot of snow! Stay warm.

  5. With that much snow I would think the best thing to do would be to stay in and play with fabric, since you can't do much else with a bum shoulder. Your nine patches look great... how many do you have? The embroidery you are working on looks nice too! Stay warm!

  6. So sorry to hear you have so much pain with your shoulder :(
    It would be painful for me to not be able to do hand stitching!
    Get better soon!

  7. Your rapure pie looks entirely different from the one I tasted. Yours looks yummy andnice and brown on top. The one I sampled looked and tasted like grits or Red River cereal and was milky white. Yuk!

    Take care of that shoulder. I can soooo relate!

    Can you believe the snow? Looks like we'll be digging out for the next week!