Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Finish or Two!

Well, one quilt finish! I put the last few stitches in my little snowman quilt tonight and couldn't wait until daylight to take a picture to share! I love it!

And the second finish is the renovations here in the living room. Hubby put the last bit of trim on today! I absolutely love the new colour. I will post more pics in the next few days after I've got some more Christmas trimming done. And I'll try to get better pictures of the wall hanging too.

For those of you who know Kaaren, I was so pleased to be invited to a wonderful afternoon tea at her home today with other quilters and hookers from the area. And let me tell you, that the pictures that she shares with us on her blog in no way capture the absolutely wonderful atmosphere that she has created there. I came home with my head spinning with new ideas to try! And her sewing studio, OH MY WORD! is to die for! I was actually thinking of moving in! Thank you Kaaren for including me today!


  1. Lovely renovations!

    I'm envious that you personally know Kaaren and you've visited her lovely home. She is one of my favorite people. Please give her a personal hug from me. :-)

  2. How fun to spend the afternoon at Kaaren's! Isn't it fun to come away refreshed and inspired! Time for me to add Kaaren's blog to my side bar so I can enjoy her talents! Looking forward to more pictures from you too!

  3. Lucky you , I can imagine how beautiful Kaaren's home is , pictures never really capture the spirit in a home and yet her pictures are amazing!