Friday, November 9, 2012

Row 5

I finally finished Row 5 for Lori's Row Along quilt at Bee In My Bonnet. This was an easy one and of course great instructions like always. I was telling a friend yesterday how impressed I was with Lori's instructions. I've never had to wonder at any point what she was talking about. All of the wording is precise and she has pictures to go along with every step.

And what I really liked about this one is that it didn't call for any of the background fabric.  I'm afraid I might be gonna run short of that, so we'll see how that goes. Actually heard last week that the shop in town may have a piece of it but I keep forgetting to go check it out!

I work today, then have five days off! Hoping to get lots of sewing done! I'll definitely be in my happy place!


  1. Your Row Along blocks are among my favorites seen in blogland... love your fabric prints and colors! Happy 5 days of quilting coming up!

  2. Your Row Along is fabulous. I'm really enjoying your journey.

    Five days in your Happy Place???? WooHoo!!! have fun.

  3. Your rows are gorgeous...I am so jealous. Ever since I saw the first row, I wanted to participate, but all my other projects are getting in the way. Good for you for jumping in and getting a start on your stunning quilt! Must be the new machine...giggle...

  4. I have started to pull fabric and can't wait to start.

    Love the colors you're using. It's going to look fab!