Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 3

Oh my, I was all cozy in my bed last night when I realized I hadn't made a day 3 post. But I did sew, lots actually. I'm designing a mystery quilt for my guild to start in January and I finished sewing the centre part of that. Soooo, because some of my guild friends will be seeing this post, I won't be sharing pictures until January as I want all of them to be surprised. I'm thinking I may offer the mystery quilt here too!

I've been helping my mom recently with a quilt. She does hand work for all of her quilt blocks and then usually puts them together and adds the border with her machine. She is making quilts for each of the grandchildren for wedding quilts. She has two done and two left to do and she is making them "ahead" just in case she needs them sooner rather than later.


  1. No pictures until January... now I'm really intrigued! How nice of your Mom to be making wedding quilts for her grandchildren... and mostly by hand! I can only imagine! Enjoy your final days of quilting!

  2. I will be interested in seeing what your mystery quilt is . How special that your mother is making quilts for her grandchildren , they will be cherished for sure .