Saturday, October 27, 2012


A post today about our little beagle, Peanut. Peanut has a thing for ladders. If there's a ladder in place, she'll climb it! Today, Hubby was cleaning the windows outside ( I know, I'm spoiled, I don't do ladders) isn't he great!! Anyway, he no more than had the ladder in place but Peanut was up there thinking she was getting a trip to the roof!

It all started about a year and a half ago. We had a lot of snow on the roof, enough that hubby was concerned that it was too heavy, so he put the ladder in place and went up to shovel some of it off. So he was up there working away, heard a noise behind him and looked to see Peanut on her way up the ladder! And she's really comfortable up there too, she checks things out from all angles. She goes up the ladder but jumps down, from the upper roof to the wood house roof, then down to the deck. She goes to the edge, contemplates then just jumps down. lol And we had lots of snow to cushion her if need be but she's never had a problem.

We had a chimney fire that year too, had to have the fire department here. Hubby had put the ladder in place and had things under control by the time they got here, but they went up anyway to inspect and were shocked to see Peanut up there doing her own inspection! LOL Peanut the Wonder Dog!


  1. I never would have believed it but the pictures don't lie! Where there's a will, there's a way...right Peanut?

    I'm definitely NOT looking forward to the snow, even though it is pretty.

  2. Peanut is adventureous for sure! Maybe he thinks he's a St. Bernard... he is a cute beagle!

  3. Darling! Please watch him carefully in case of a fall...I just spent a long weekend in a pet hospital with my dog, who's leg I ran over! Several owners were there with dogs who fell from heights. It's a terrible thing to see our pups hurt! Very cute story though!

  4. Haha, too funny! You'll have to teach Peanut how to clean windows, then your hubby can just set up the ladder and stand back while Peanut does the work!!