Sunday, October 21, 2012

Merrily We Row Along...

LOL, Yeah well ok I know it's lame but I'm really enjoying this quilt! This little Row Along quilt that's a freebie over at  Bee in My Bonnet!

This apple row is the latest, I think it's my favourite so far! I haven't got the end pieces on yet, gotta get to that. Can't wait to see what's next! 

And I haven't added the plain divider rows yet either, as I'm afraid I'm gonna run out of background fabric. I just kinda went with what I had and now wondering if I should have gone and bought new before I started. So .... may have to go with a different colour there, but we'll wait and see!


  1. It's beautiful, I love it! I am having a great time with this row along too. Lori can't post fast enough for me :) I am waiting with baited breath....LOL

  2. I'm soooooo tempted but I just have too much on my plate right now.

    Love it, Darlene!

  3. I love it Darlene and it really looks like a fun project but I am not going to look either ;-)

  4. Oh I like the fabric colors you are using! Great choices!