Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Finished the Applique!

Okay, I've decided that I really love wool appliqué on cotton! I love how fast it goes, how neat and tidy it is while you're working on it. Kaaren gave me some tips before I got started. One being, that she uses Steam-a-Seam2 and I have to agree it worked really great. Thank you Kaaren. Now to get some little blocks made to border it and get it quilted. I'm also gonna add a little embroidered tendril coming from the pumpkin stem. While I sit with hubby in the evening watching TV, stitching, I like to ask his opinion on my designs and stitching. On this one, his comment was, the pumpkin isn't all that round. And that's been plaguing me a bit now as I finished the stitching. Maybe it isn't round enough, but no pumpkin is perfectly round! What do you think?

The purpose of this project was to step up my fall decorating a little bit. I've picked up a couple of things that I saw in town that I liked. I also need to pick up a plant for outside on the veranda. Hopefully will get to that over the weekend.

I'm so excited for this day to be over! When I leave my job today, I'm heading to a friend's cottage for three nights of sewing, laughing, quilting, laughing, eating and did I mention laughing!! LOL I can't wait! It's become an annual tradition for us and the days leading up to it seem to be the slowest days of the year!! Hopefully today goes by in a flash, I work at a bank and it's the first day of senior cheques today, so that will speed things along quite nicely!! I'm pretty much all packed and ready to go, just a few last minute things left to put in the car. I've several projects packed to work on, the one pictured here, the next row in the Row Along project, the Over The River stitching, and I'm gonna start a new quilt. It's a 6" morning store block, set on point with a plain block. I've been wanting to do this one ever since the Quilt Sampler that featured Temecula Quilt shop came out! That was my favourite issue ever and if I could choose one store that was featured over the years to visit, that would be the one. A similar quilt is featured in that, 3" blocks rather than 6", but with a big queen size quilt, I figured I could pull it off with the larger block. Soooo, I'll keep you posted on that one!

When I get home on Saturday, I hopefully will have more pictures to share with you of all of the projects that we work on while we're at the cottage. Until then, happy quilting!


  1. You're absolutely right, Darlene in that no pumpkin is perfectly round. Besides, we're allowed to use "artistic license" any time we like. Love white pumpkins!

    Three days away with friends quilting? Perfect! Enjoy yourselves!

  2. Well my goodness! You have good reason to be excited about your 3 days of quilting with your friends! Those are the best of times, don't you think? Have fun working on all of your projects! Love the white pumpkin and sunflower woolie. Your blanket stitching looks wonderful! Looking forward to those pictures you'll be taking... so much fun to see what others are making!

  3. About all I have for fall decorating now is my quilts. I used to have decorative items for fall but gave them away before our last move. We down-sized in house size. Now I am sorry I did that.

    I really like the quilt display you have in your header picture.

    1. I used to have more fall stuff too, but I think I just got bored with it. I finally bought a lovely plant today. Gotta get a few things out on the veranda and get some pics posted of that. Thanks for stopping by!